Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy birthday mummy :)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to MUMMY
Happy birthday to you

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here comes the first day of CNY :)
my family and I went to pavilion to watch the movie. 家有喜事 2009
a very very funny movie wei.. hahaha
and louis koo,古天乐 is really sooooo handsome laaa. oh my god! :D

after the movie,we plan to have our dinner at i-dragon
but unfortunately,i-dragon does not open laaa :(
therefore we decided to have our dinner at ichiban ramen :))

here's some photo which taken during the first day of CNY....


MY SISTER & ME. yea, my sister is just 9 years old :)

daddy & me : )
dad & mum :D
poh poh and sister :)
mummy and me :D

that's all for the day..... :D
ohya,i lose rm200 during gambling at Chun Yeow's house last night
ishh.. ><"

Lastly,I'm here to wish every a very happy chinese new year :)

恭喜发财 gong hei fat choy
man si yu yi

心想事成 sam seung si sheng
身体健康 san tai gin hong
步步高升 bou bou gou sheng
年年有余 lin lin yao yu
岁岁平安 sui sui ping on
生意兴隆 sang yi hing long
马到功成 ma dou gong sheng
一本万利 yat bun man lei
出入平安 chuk yap ping on
学业进步 hok yip chun bou
一帆风顺 yat fan fong shun
洋洋得意 yong yong dak yi

gong hei gong hei :D

p/s: happy 19 birthday Janize Chia Yin Tzin. Take good care, may all your wishes and dreams come true :D
happy birthday, sang yat fai lok, selamat hari jadi, 生日快乐 :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I saw a Ferrari at the main door of times square this evening
this is really the first time i saw a real ferrari
and it does appear infront of my eyes

But i do not know what model is that.. coz ferrari is not common in Malaysia
it's too expensive for our nations
i think a ferrari cost rm1million ++ .. @_@
I think it's almost the same model with Cristiano Ronaldo's ferrari
but too bad, he's car was crash


LASTLY, outing with Janize on Thursday to watch the movie, THEY WAIT...

Last, but not least.. 2 more days to Chinese New Year
and it's time to get ang pau and ready for gamble! hahaha :)

I'm here to wish everyone a happy chinese new year! :D
gong hei fat choi !!

p/s: I wish i could be the owner of the ferrari one day in the future :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


FINALLY! yes,finally i watched IP MAN! :D
I hope i'm not too late laa..
watched ip man at mid valley this evening with kai cherng..
finally i had watched this movie,since all my friends already watch it..
and all of them also said it's a very nice movie
and yes, it's really a MUST WATCH movie wei :)
my tears almost drop while his end fight
everyone was so proud of him when he beaten that japanese guy
Donnie Yen 甄子丹.. you really impressed me alot laa :)

my current phone sony w890i is including 3.2 megapixel camera
instead of my previous phone 2.0 megapixel..
and it's nice to capture with a 3.2 megapixel phone from a professional photographer :D


Superman, Batman, Hulk, Spider Man.. I prefer SPIDER MAN! :D

professional skill right? hahahahha :)

P/S: feel like wanna learn wing chun after watching IP MAN! hahahaha

Saturday, January 10, 2009

thank you =]

OH well, i got a new phone adi wei...
it's sony ericsson w890i..
it's not the w880i anymore..coz this phone always switch off itself one lor
fixed 3times adi..i rather buy a new phone than keep repairing it.
coz the money of repairing the phone, i can buy a new phone adi laa..
however,thanks to daddy and mummy who bought this phone for me! =D
coz i don't really know who are the one who pay it la
hahaha.. just thanks alot ^^

sony ericsson w890i = ]

GOODBYE sony ericsson w880i =]
Lastly,I've been tagged by YAT YI SHAN !!

list down 9 friends before answering the questions!!

1. Kai Cherng
2. William
3. Janize
4. Kiat Zai
5. Yi Shan
6. Weng Kit
7. Hong Hui
8. Pau Lynn
9. Chee Seng

1. How do u know 1?
Know him since i was form 1. Same class with him and sit beside him ! hahahaha! until now,we are still the best buddies! :)

2. What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
(3) Of coz happy lorrr. loves to go out with her! hahaha..
(4) Go out with him everyday. I can see him everyday wei. hahaha =.=

3. Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
YI SHAN and WENG KIT? hahahahahahaha! oh my god.. i can't imagine it!

4. Do you think 7 is attractive?
oh yes! he's good in drawing,design and imagination. If he can grow taller, I think he can attract alot girls! too bad he can't! hahahaha! joking wei.. x)

5. Do u know anything about 8's family?
erm.. she got a sister.. her daddy loves to play psp! Am i right pau lynn? hahahaha

6. Tell me something about 9..
Chee Seng? LOL. He such a funny,friendly,fantastic guy! hahaha :)

7. What language does 2 speak?
cantonese,mandarin,english and a lot.. but now,No one can listen to his voice anymore.. =\

8. Who is 3 going out with?
errrrrrr..... me? hahaha

9. How old is 4?
same age with me... 19!!

10. When was the last time you talked to 5?
wahh.. can't remember wor.. often talk to her one.. few days ago gua. or maybe few hours ago. hahaha

11. Who is 6's favourite singer?
ermm.. simple plan? fall out boys? Chris Daughtry? Who is your favourite singer ahh LAU WENG KIT..?? hahahaa

12. Would you date 7?
we often went out during our secondary school life. but now we seldom meet each other since we were graduated ! =\

13. What is 9's last name?
last name? his full name is TAN CHEE SENG! xD

14. Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
LOL! we were couple since we were form one.. hahaaahaha xD

15. What school does 2 go to?
the last school he went i think is KDU.. but now? who knows? =)

16. What do you like about 3?
silly,talkactive,nice,funny,appearance probably not too much make up and dress casual :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's 4.17am right now and i am still facing my dell computer
the sun will appear few hours later
but i still not willing to get to the bed and sleep yet! =.=

well,today is the first day of my 3rd semester of UCSI
since this is my 3rd semester in UCSI, I know...
and i already expected that the classes will be dismiss within 30mins for the first week.
or even less than 30mins
or even the lecturer never attend the class and tell us anything =.=
coz the same cases happened during the last 2 previous semesters..
it was like wasting our time to college loh ok? sighs!

however, i can feel that i will be very boring during this semester..
coz i am not taking the same subjects with my friends who were taking foundations anymore...
coz im doing diploma mahh.
those subjects i left for diploma year 1 all are not available for foundations students...
but yet, i still got plenty of friends who taking diploma lar
but those who are very close to me in college were taking foundations lo. goshh ~

perhaps i have too much of complaints lahh. hahaha =]

okay.. it's 4.43am right now
i used half an hour to complete only 3 paragraph.. oh my god.
by the way, i think my daddy will wake up very very soon.
coz he needs to fetch my sister to school later on
perhaps he will scold me,since he doesn't know that my class will be on 2pm tmr

i will be goin for BAHASA KEBANGSAAN class on tmr!
yes, you're right. it's bahasa kebangsaan! :D
we call it bahasa malaysia during secondary school.
and yes again, my bahasa melayu was without a credit in my spm! :D
what a shame right? credit pun tak dapat!
but at least i never fail it lah =)

okayy,stop the embarrassing part!
I'm here to proudly announce that... i had PASS my algebra & trigonometry!! :D
so proud of myself la wei. i was worried that i will be fail or whatever.. lol = ]

okayy.. it's 4.58am now. my daddy was just awake few minutes ago
surprisingly, my daddy never scold me..
daddy : woi, still haven't sleep ah?
reagan : soon soon. i will sleep soon. no worries
daddy: what time is your class on tmr morning?
reagan: not morning la dad, it's 2pm
daddy: (without saying anyting then went downstairs...)

i think i better go sleep now before he scold me later.. hahaha :D

good night everyone who is still sleeping now
good morning everyone who was just awake

- the end -

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bedtime stories : )

It's another Adam Sandler's movie again
I just loves to watch every of his comedy movies lar :)
He acted a funny characteristics in every movies
it's hard to without a LOL after watching his movies! :D

Here's another movie from Adam Sandler,call Bedtime Stories..
just went to watch this movie at jusco cheras selatan with janize this evening..
well,it is a nice movie!
A bedtime stories tells by Adam Sandler to his nephew and niece, but it really happens on the next day as what he tells them..
well, the hamster call BUGSY in the movie is so cute!
it eyes is so big! :D
But I think it is just an animate instead of real hamster. hahaha

bedtime story comes true, the candies is falling from the sky ! xD

bugsy! so cute! : D

Bugsy on Adam's head ! xD

it's worth to watch this movie if you're unhappy with the beginning of year 2009..
I rate this movie for 7/10.. =)

well, college reopen on next Monday ahh !!
I do not know either is a good news or bad news for me.. but most of you thinks that it's a bad news right? xD
but then my schedule for next semester kinda nice actually..
It's only one subject on 8am for me, which is basic concept of maths class..
other classes all will begin after 10am, even some of it will be evening classes!..
I can rest more instead of get up so damn early in the morning . *HURRAY ! * =D
tak macam last semester, tiap tiap hari pun pukul 8am! tak cukup tidur la wei! xD

Anyway, I get my result for my past semester adi. 6 out of 4 subjects.. PASS ! :DDD
now left 2 subjects haven't release! which are algebra & trigonometry and malaysian studies..
hopefully can pass la.. especially algebra! =.=
*will update here once i get my results of the 2 remaining subjects*

alrights, time to sleep.. GOOD NIGHT!!

once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! ^^
stay healthy :)
be happy :))
smile always ! :D

p/s: I want to watch IP MAN lor! =.=