Thursday, April 30, 2009


YEAH! after an 1 week rotten at home during the holiday, I went to Genting Highland! Finally I did something for my holiday, to avoid continue rotten at home! lol

Went to Genting Highlands during 28th Apr - 29th Apr, with Janize, Kiat Zai & Jeann! 4 orangs!
well, it was a very nice trip, I've been so long never went to genting adi. miss genting alot! :D

The day before going to genting, i overnight at Kiat's house, so we can go to KL sentral together the next day. Guess what? I never sleep for the whole night, due to the Nervous, Anticipation, Happiness.. both of us can't fall asleep at all! OMG!@@ Therefore, we just wait the time past and past and past... finally the clock reached 5.30am! both of us get ready everything, shower, pack the luggage(my luggage is very big =.= ) almost 6.50am, wait for the taxi for fetching us to KL sentral..
Reach KL sentral around 7.45am, Me, Kiat & Janize had our breakfast at the Mcd, and also wait for Jeann, who take lrt to KL sentral. after the clock reach almost 8.45am, time for us to wait the bus........... and we reach the cable car around 9.45am i think.. then we go get tickets for theme park, then check in at first world hotel, and had our lunch at Pizza hut, then we played at the theme park.................. then bla bla bla. and SO ON! LOL~

and then reached around 6.30pm, 4 of us were veryyyy tired adi, time for us to back to the hotel room and rest, shower, and get ready for dinner. we almost finished everything around 8.30pm! and we are so hungry wei, but then we went to "Riply's Believe it or not", coz they will close at 10pm, so we went there before going for dinner! and the weird things inside the RIPLY's are so interesting man! it's worth for you to spent rm18 to increase your general knowledge! :D after the visited at Riply's, we headed to KFC for our dinner! the spicy chicken is veryyyyy tasty! i ate 3 spicy chickens! yummy! :D after dinner, walk here and there... there and here.. everywhere! then we bought the cinema ticket for MALL COP at 1.30am, and we decided to back to hotel room before going out again for movies! guess what? we rest at the bed around 11.30pm like that, and we awake at 2am! LOLs. the movie started adi, therefore we decided to continue sleeping instead of watching the movie! LOL..

I awake at 12.30pm the next day, i do not know what time they awake.. coz I'm always the one who needs a longer time to get up from the bed one.. hahahaha! :D and then we ready for check out, pack luggage again. and then headed to Old town to had our brunch there~ after the chit chattingh session, we headed to the bus station and ready to back to KL.. and and and.. 4 of us reach KL, and reach home safety!!! LOL~

that's all for the trips at genting! :D keliru right? just cin cai go thru laa.. hahaha.
okayy.. here's some photos which taken by using my cell phone camera! :)

Theme park ...

I like the ENIERGIZER alot wei :D


The Luckies Chair In World.. I will be very lucky from today onward! LOL

Nice Picture? It makes by using BREADS!

He is 8 feet 2inches wei! 245cm!! @@

Nice mirror. Im skinny! LOL

Silly x)

Last, but not least...

More and more photos will be upload at my FaceBook! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 goals!!

It's was an outstanding match between Liverpool & Arsenal last night
the final score was 4-4 !!!
To be honest, Arsenal's defends was very bad, and makes alot of mistakes
Liverpool played very very well and created many chances against Arsenal
they can even score more than 4 goals
nevertheless, it was a great match ;)

Lastly, Man of the match- Andrey Arshavin
score 4 goals for Arsenal!!
a man able to score 4 goals in a match, and it was against a strong team Liverpool
credit to Arshavin for an amazing performances!! :)

p/s: my holiday was boring... any outing??? date me please :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Holiday!!

Finally I had finish my final exam today!
Hopefully can pass all the subjects laa.. Please!

Anyway, I will be veryyy free from this minute onward!
Any outing, shopping, movies, sing k, clubbing, jogging, gym, basketball, futsal, yam cha, trip, breakfast, lunch, hi tea, dinner, supper... and so on
just date me! :D

p/s: Enjoy your holiday :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

David Archuleta

Went to watch David Archuleta's showcase at Sunway Lagoon this evening with MayKye
I'm having final exam now, but I still went to watch David
but then got free ticket wor, takkan tak pergi kan? :D
Thanks for the ticket MayKy
e :)
such a tiring day....

still waiting for others photo, the photos
are with her now
will upload very soon

Sorry for late update post
I'm so busy this few days, due to my rajin-ness to study for my finals
I'm such a good student right? LOLLLL :)

Actually I was waiting MayKye to send me those David Archuleta photos la
and I was just received all the photos from her

Check out my facebook, you can find out more photos and video right there :)

p/s: Sorry for the bad quality of the video record, coz I was using my phone camera to record it. Tiada wang untuk beli Camera XD
and very sorry for my hand was shaking all the time =__=

Thursday, April 9, 2009

EXAM BEGIN...........





Monday, April 6, 2009

If it's all mine....

Ferrari F430.. Who does not want to own a Ferrari, right? LOL

Audi R8.. I was love at first sight to this car!!

Mercedes-Benz SLK.. I saw an uncle drove this car before, Uncle always the richest one =.=

BMW z4.. My dream car all the time..

Audi TT.. The cheapest one among all these 5cars, rm300k!!

RM 3Million cukup ah? LOL :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Season of Sepang F1 and Fast & Furious 4

The season of F1 Sepang and Fast & Furious 4 is on !!
Everyone drifting here and there
A RM1 Million Ferrari was crash!!
oh my lovely Ferrari~
You are the 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo ! LOL

p/s: Fast and Furious 4, you must watch it !!! =D