Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Let's see, what's the time now ?
it's 5.08AM !!
oh my godness !
i never sleep at all !
I was just watched moonlight resonance , and doing my revision.

3 more hours for me to prepare the computing essential's test later.
computing essential is one of the Alan Hoo's sucject
and yes, it is another " boring" subject again = =

Even though it's computing essential's test later
but i was referred algebra & trigonometric notes for the whole day !
this subject is tough for me , and i'm going to sit for test of algebra during this Wednesday
this algebra's test worth 15 marks ! @_@

Recently the hottest Tvb drama , Moonlight Resonance
finally came to the ending .
it was a happy ending, but it was not a expected ending for me.
but i love the story very much .
especially when they are quarreling =))

Oh ya, the result for Chelsea Vs Man Utd is 1 - 1
Too bad Man Utd didn't lose the match !
but at least they can't win any matches during this month ! HAHAHAHA
well, Arsenal is top of the EPL table right now. =D
they won Bolton 3 - 1 during last saturday !

ALRIGHT, I'm gonna do my revision of algebra & trigonometric now
hopefully can get at least 5/15 for the test ! haha
good night everyone =))

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh, it's been a week that i never update my blog
do u know why?!
because i am lazy ! lols
college life is very tired, and very BORING !

computing studies,computing essentials, office application,
m'sian studies,algebra& trigonometric, probability& statistics.
I took these 6 subjects on this semester
but these six subjects has not attracted me
it was boring !
i was just playing psp during these 6 classes instead of listen to the lecturer teaching
bad student , agree ? lols

since i go to school was like wasting my time
sometimes i don't feel like wanna study anymore. hais
does anyone have any idea to rescue me? LOL

anyway,i will be start working on tomorrow.
at times square LG floor, SUB
I'll be working there for every Thursday, Friday ( after class ) and every weekends
i am lack of money right now !
i need money so badly. =))

Oh ya, Liverpool beaten Man Utd 2-1 on last saturday.
what a good news for me ! XD
and arsenal won the match too. they beaten blackburn 4 - 0 !! =D

Big match on this coming Sunday.
Chelsea Vs Man Utd . Hope Man Utd LOSE the match again .
then i think i will organize a celebration party after that !
and invite all the UN-Man Utd fans !
hahahaha XD

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Day Of Dota . = ]

Oh yes ! Finally I learn something interesting at college today.
that's Alan's hoo subject, computing studies.
bases number,even though it was easy,but at least i learn something interesting ;D
very satisfy on it XD ~

Today i finished my class at 12pm. Reach home around 2pm.
i was home alone for the whole evening. Therefore ,i decided to go for DOTA ! ;D
It's been a long time that i did not played dota !
Dota was fun !
Moooooooooooonster KILL ! XD

after i finished played my dota matches , i wanna sign in my msn.
but,it doesn't work.
the screen appeared - Window Live Messenger is temporarily unavailable,please try again later ~
wth !? I've try to sign in for 50 times above =.=

But finally i can sign in around 10:30PM . lols

Anyway, Thank you very much , Joanne ! =D
You're the first one who visited my blog. Feel proud, right ? lols. XD

Oh well,i played dota for the whole day instead of psp. ;D

Alright, I gotta sleep now . Still got class on tomorrow morning.
Friday also got class. OMG ! = [
The past semester is much more better than the current one. =\

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My blogspot =))

Oh well, FINALLY i did updated my blog.
but it is not WRETCH anymore.

It's BLOGSPOT ! =)

doesn't had any special reason why i wanna change my blog,

but to improve my ENGLISH !

i think this is the best way to improve my English.

Coz my English was too sucks ! goshhh ~

After a 2 weeks holiday of .....

rotting at home,went to PD,went to Poppy Garden during merdeka's eve,on the phone with her every midnight 5.20am ;D , have fun at wardy's birthday party ... etc !


i was started a new semester at UCSI.

btw,i passed all my subjects of last semester ~

oh ! how lucky i am ;D

Alright, let's talk about my college stuff :D

I'll be taking 6 subjects during this semester.

well,algebra & trigonometry is tough !! damn !

but i will try my best to get a better result during end of the semester . ;D

Alan hoo's class was boring !

nobody willing to pay attention during his teaching period, including me as well ;P

And ya,i bought a new psp *it's 2nd hand psp , which bought from yi shan's bf *

just rm250 , with 2gb of memory stick. it was cheap enough ! ;P

but i need to modify everything of the psp. including buying a new 4gb memory stick

coz 2gb is not enough space for me to install the games. :D

the total amount of my psp is around rm400 . @@

oh well,i couldn't paying much attention when teacher teaching.

coz i was playing my psp. :P

that's the consequences of bringing psp to college =.=


alright, it's 12.17am right now .

it's time for me to sleep now.
all my classes are 8 in the morning everyday during this semester . =.=
oh my godness !

but at least i can save up the money of paying rm2 for the parking fees.

coz i can park at SHELL petrol station every morning :D

GOOD NIGHT everyone ! :D