Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday was the birthday of my college mate Ken, and our whole UCSI gang went to celebrate Ken's birthday at Daniel Ho's house! We were having steamboat and drinking session at Daniel's house last night :)

Yesterday was really fun, everyone was crazy last night! non stop laughing! Noisy! even now when I think back about last night celebration, i can Laugh Out Loud! yea, you can imagine how crazy we are last night! :D

After we done with our steamboat, we started to begin our drinking session. yes, drink beer! LOL! :)
Drank a lot last night, can't even drive. therefore, I overnight at Daniel's house. when i woke up the next day. guess what happen? my cell phone lost! yes, my cell phone was LOST! = S
At first i thought my phone was left it at somewhere in the living room, since the living room is damn messy, but i couldn't found it back. My friend tries to call my phone, tapi tak boleh dapat!
I was charging my phone last night before going to Daniel's house, impossible that habis battery kan?
means there's a big possibility that someone stole it. wtf ~
but NEVERMIND! I'm not going to suspicious anyone, it's fine :)
maybe the one who stole it had financial problem right? LOL :D

lastly, Happy birthday to you, Kong Wooi Ken! =]

*look like JOKER! :p

p/s: My contact list had lost, memory card, text msg, those photos...... :(