Saturday, July 11, 2009

Burning Flame 3 / 烈火雄心 3

Burning Flame 3, 烈火雄心 3.
This is the latest HK tv drama.. I think everyone familiar with this HK drama right? about the previous Burning Flame 1 & 2.
Even though I just watched 3 episode of Burning Flame 3, but the storyline for only these 3episodes are veryyyy nice!
I'm strongly recommend everyone of you to watch this drama, Buring Flame 3.
This is a MUST watch HK drama, I think this Burning Flame 3 is much more better than 巾帼枭雄 & 学警狙击!
trust me, you will not regret to watch this, it's really worth = ]


❤yun구름❤ said...

i watched it! really nice~^^