Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Just back from Pau Lynn's birthday party
we celebrated her birthday at cow boy cafe.
after that, we purposely went to leisure mall, wong kok cafe
to have a GIANT size of TEH ICE
it's a special gift for people who birthday on that day
we even called 2 tong of it . LOL
at the end, we can't finish it. hahaha

however, we are having a lot of fun right there
non stop laughing
keep on talking about some silly jokes !
hahaha ~ so syokkk ~
actually most of us are having morning class on the next day , 8am
but we were still not willing to go home

alright, it's going to be 3am soon
so i better sleep now . coz i'm having a class on tmr 8am .
and i have a presentation for malaysian studies tmr
present something about Chinese culture wedding process
unfortunately, I'm the groom

oh yea, i sold my psp bcoz of some personal reason
so,I'm not going to play psp anymore during the lecture class

ALGEBRA & Trigonometric mid term was TOUGH !
I think i would not get a good result for my mid term =\

Last , but not least .
happy 18th birthday to TAN PAU LYNN .
and also HONG CHI , who going to be 18th on 23rd Oct

good night =)