Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good night

Went to Sunway to have steamboat and chilling with high school mates, thanks to Phong for belanja us the steamboat. thank you very much :) after finished our steamboat session, we went to play futsal at kuchai lama. thanks for the night buddy, very sorry for going back home early and never join you guys for drinking session.

I will be having my final paper on next Tuesday & Friday, and yet i still haven't start doing revision yet, gotta start doing revision on tomorrow. Good luck and all the best me, and all the UCSI students who are having final exams next week, gambateh! :)

its 3.45am right now, its raining heavily outside. sleep tight peoples. and i gotta sleep now too.
good night peoples, good night world. and good night to you, miss you alots :)


Zhang Zhen said...

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